3D filaments in diameter 1.75mm for 3D desktop printers are available in different colors. The 3D filaments are very balanced in their properties. PLA filaments are composed partly of corn starch. 3D PLA filaments are very easy to print and due to the composition very environmentally friendly and therefore biodegradable. ABS filaments are made from petroleum products and therefore unpleasant odors can arise in processing the information. In addition, you need heated print bed (heatet bed). So each 3dFilament has its peculiarities that you should consider when using. Exact instructions and settings, see the selected 3D filament.

With us you will find the greatest choice of Switzerland to standard PLA and ABS filaments. Just as many specialties as HIPPS, PETT, PVA, nylon, carbon, Condcuctive, Stainless Steel, Magnetic and other exotic filaments.

You don’t find your filament of your choice? Just ask us – we will try to consider your wishes!